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Angela Raffo, LMFT
Dr. Anja Schmitz
Tess Brigham, LMFT
Dr. Bria Milicevic
Dr. Christina Pascarzi
Dr. Jessica Breland
Dr. Tom McDonagh
Jill Pixley, LMFT
Dr. Ellis Edmunds
Dr. Aarti Gupta
Dr. Chia-Ying Chou
Dr. Marti Williams

Therapy made modern

Finding happiness isn't a privilege. It's available to everyone who takes the time to learn about themselves. And that's what therapists are for: Giving you tools to make you happy.

You've probably heard therapy is for mental health. But that's only a small part of it. Therapy is also about optimizing your problem solving skills. So you can get work done and navigate your relationships more efficiently. That's why startup founders, lifehackers, and thoughtful people alike embrace therapy as their biggest source of self-improvement.

We make it really simple to find a great therapist.

Select your therapist, book your session, and track your progress through our app.

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The best therapists are curious and creative.

We vet for more than just resumés. We rely on community feedback to make sure you're seeing a therapist with a history of great results.

If you select a therapist who wasn't a good fit, switch to another therapist with just two taps in our app. We have your back and we want you to be comfortable.

Now here's what you should be looking for.

You should see that therapy works from the get-go. It must have a recognizable impact on your wellbeing. 

Specifically, you should be able to better navigate daily challenges. And fall asleep happier every night.

To make sure you're seeing such progress, we provide you with a simple app to assess your mood. 

We make therapy accountable. We're not happy until you are.

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Your first visit

Booking a therapy session normally takes weeks. But our app lets you book next-day sessions with top therapists in just a few taps. No referral required.

Our app shows local therapists' availability by the hour. Busy? We work into everyone's schedule.

That's the first problem we solve: scheduling hassle.

Next, we also remove the hassle of pricing. Our sessions are a flat $165. We want you to choose a therapist based on personality fit, not cost.

Plus, our sessions qualify for FSA/HSA and out-of network benefits. So you could pay much less.

This is therapy without the hassle. Book, pay, and communicate directly through the app.

Tracking progress

Here's the key: Therapy works when it’s measured.

So we've designed Kip to be data-driven therapy for people who care about efficient self-improvement.

Unlike traditional therapy, the Kip experience happens both inside and outside the office: Our app lets you track your progress and message with your therapist between visits.

This means your therapist gets insight into your progress. So when you sit down for a Kip-powered session, they can get started immediately. They know how to interpret your week alongside you.

Finally — a data-driven approach to therapy so you spend your time wisely.

Communicate with your therapists as often as you want. Do it at your own pace.

"The app creates a sense of continuity between sessions that helps me extract more value from the hour we spend together. The sessions have been fantastic. I wish I'd gone to therapy earlier." — Eric N.

Never been to therapy? Today's the day.
This is the reimagined approach. Come get peace of mind.

What you get out of a session

“Therapy is for keeping yourself in a really optimal state.

– Ben Huh, Kip client

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“Kip is using data to make therapy better for both patients and therapists.”