Smarter Therapy

Amazing therapists. Smart technology. Better results.

We combine people and software to provide care that's seamless, personalized, and most importantly, effective.

In-person care that's scientific and data-driven, with a human touch.


It's no secret that booking a therapy session can take weeks. 

We make it incredibly easy to sign up, book our high-quality therapists, and pay for sessions all in one seamless app. And our care coordination team is here to make sure you have a great experience from start to finish.

With Kip, you get to focus on feeling better.


With therapy, one size doesn't fit all. That's why we customize your care to fit your needs.

Kip provides in-person therapy paired with cutting-edge technology. This allows you to capture valuable information in real-time and share with your therapist between sessions.

This way, your therapist knows more about you, asks you the right questions, and quickly connects the dots. Before you even walk into your next session.


Here's the key: Therapy works when it's evidence-based and measured.

That's why our therapists use science-backed, research-based strategies like CBT and ACT. And customize your care that is backed by your data. You and your therapist use technology to track (and celebrate!) your progress toward concrete goals.

So you don't just feel the results - the technology enables you to see the results for yourself, too.

How Kip works

Sign up

Book an initial assessment with any one of our providers. 

Show up

Meet your therapist in-person at one of our convenient locations in downtown San Francisco. 

Get therapy that works

Leverage our technology to see results, faster.

Have more questions?

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call with a Kip intake specialist who can answer questions about therapy and help you schedule your first session.

Why Evidence-Based Care Matters

Therapy has been around for centuries, and there is plenty of information out there about different strategies. The problem is that many of these strategies have little or no research to prove their effectiveness. That's why we value evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Evidence-based practices are grounded in scientific research and backed by clinical trials. So you can trust you're getting the most effective care possible.

What people love about us

“Kip is using data to make therapy better for both patients and therapists.”

“Every founder should be doing therapy, in my opinion! We work out our muscles, why not work out our brains?”

M.G., Kip client

"The coolest thing about Kip is that my therapist starts our sessions with data that I captured in the app between sessions. This makes it feel like we’re just picking right up from where we left off."

B.H., Kip client

“Therapy without Kip is like trying to solve a puzzle with most of the pieces missing.”

Anja Schmitz, Kip therapist

“Using the data that we had ... made it easy to diagnose what I was going through.”

R.A., Kip client

You deserve smarter therapy.