Dr. Anja Schmitz, PhD

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  • Anja uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to help people understand what triggers feelings like anxiety, how it holds them back from living the life they want, and to build skills and leverage strengths to master situations that are difficult when stress, anxiety, or depression get in the way.
  • She helps people manage anxiety, depression, phase-of-life issues, and high-stress work environments including founders and startups.

About me

I specialize in helping clients who are experiencing fear, anxiety or sadness, are undergoing stressful life transitions, or live/work in stressful and high-pressure environments. My goal is to help you understand what triggers these feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression, why they keep coming back, and how you can treat those issues going forward.

Through therapy, we will find out what is holding you back from living the life that you want. We will look at your thoughts, your behavior, and your sensations and feelings – it’s really like detective work – and find out what is going on in your head. Then we will build on your already existing strengths (that you may not be aware of) and we will also help you build new skills that you can use to master situations that are difficult for you when stress, anxiety, or depression get in the way.

My approach is also data-driven - which will take a lot of guesswork out of therapy. We will monitor your progress objectively which helps us capture what's happening for you in the moment and optimize your treatment plan.

My research and clinical training at the National Institute of Mental Health and the Universities of Giessen, Wuerzburg, and Regensburg (Germany) mainly focused on the etiology and treatment of anxiety and depression. Anxiety is an important feeling that warns us about potentially dangerous situations, but it can also be a paralyzing experience that prevents you from engaging in situations that are important to reach your personal and professional goals. It can lead to isolation and the sense that you make every decision based on how you can best avoid feeling scared. I can help you to find a way to break this vicious cycle of anxiety and avoidance by building on your own strengths and learning new skills that will empower you to better understand yourself and pursue your goals.

License No.: PSY 30074