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Kip makes therapy work for you

Effective therapy driven by data and led
by our world-class therapists. Based in San Francisco.

Our Mission

We deliver smarter therapy, personalized to your needs. Kip is built around people-centered design, smart technology, and world-class therapists who have the support and tools they need to deliver the most effective care.

Kip’s Story

Kip started out as a passion project driven by the belief that mental healthcare should be accessible, scientific, data-driven, and effective.

We analyzed the entire therapy experience, reimagined what it could be, and rebuilt it from the ground up. We know you can’t replace the value of a face-to-face interaction, so we didn’t try.

Instead, we took world-class providers, supercharged them (and you) with our smart software tools, and designed a seamless experience for both clients and providers.

The Kip Standard

Great therapy starts with great therapists. Before joining our team, every therapist is carefully vetted to ensure they meet the Kip Standard.

Our therapists are trained and certified in science-backed, evidence-based practices such as CBT and ACT. They are curious, creative, and empathetic. They make clients feel comfortable. They’re astute observers who quickly connect the dots and ask the right questions. They use data to track your progress. So you can trust you’ll be getting quality care.

Our Team

The Kip team combines decades of experience in research, healthcare, technology, and is fueled by unrelenting passion (and pizza) to build a happier and healthier world.

Ti Zhao

CEO, Engineer & Black Diamond Enthusiast

Beau Smith

Product, Design, Engineering & La Crazy

Claire Sanguedolce

Brand, Operations & Yoga Aficionado

Anja Schmitz

Chief Clinical Officer & Volcano Conquerer

Anna Lindberg Cedar

Clinical Director & Occasional Skydiver


Interested in partnering with us?
We have openings for therapists to join our Kip network.
Reach out to hi@hellokip.com for more information.

Therapy. Made effective.