Kip provides a high-quality experience through our focus on four elements: 

  • Amazing therapists
  • Cutting-edge treatments
  • Outcome tracking
  • Our technology

Amazing therapists
Our therapists are vetted and hand-picked by our team. We continually monitor therapist effectiveness via outcome tracking and client feedback. People improve 10x faster when they're paired with a top therapist instead of an average one, which is why we put so much effort into curating our network. Want help choosing a Kip therapist? Click here.

Evidence-based care
Kip therapists specialize in cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies including CBT and ACT, that have been validated through randomized controlled trials.

Outcome tracking
100% of Kip therapists track outcomes compared to 1 in 10 providers nationally. Clients see they’re making progress.

Our technology
Kip clients meet therapists in-person and use a private app to share information with their therapist between sessions. This increases the amount and speed of data-sharing and client engagement in their care.

  • More engaged clients see faster improvement
  • Clients get more out of sessions since they spend less time updating their therapist and more time working together
  • The data helps therapists create more effective, personalized plans and set concrete goals
The Kip Team