How long you go to therapy depends on many factors: your diagnosis, your current levels of distress, what you want to accomplish, how closely you work with your therapist, and how much effort you put into applying the skills you learn. Most effective therapy treatments can and should be temporary.

Typically our clients start with weekly sessions and then move to an every-other-week schedule after they’ve made significant progress. When you’re satisfied and you and your therapist feel like you’ve reached your therapy goals, you can pause therapy indefinitely and move to a maintenance schedule (e.g., once every 6-12 weeks). Sometimes, people like to come in for “tune-ups” or “boosters” when a stressful situation pops up or they notice a change in their mental health.

A good therapist wants you to get better. They will teach you skills so that you can ‘be your own therapist’ when you’re on your own. Therapy is not meant to last forever unless you want it to. The average Kip member goes to 10 sessions. Many of our clients start to see and feel positive changes as soon as they begin.

The Kip Team