Dr. Sylvia Khromina

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  • Sylvia practices mindfulness-based therapy focused on helping clients cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion, acceptance, and clarity through experiential work in the present moment.
  • She specializes in relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, eating disorders, and cross-cultural concerns.
  • ‍Sylvia is committed to providing culturally sensitive, personalized, and effective psychotherapy to clients of diverse backgrounds. 

I may be a good fit for you feel misunderstood, unsupported, lonely, or unfulfilled in important relationships; experience overwhelming thoughts or emotions; feel trapped in a cycle of self-comparison and not feeling good enough; find it hard to trust others or the world around you; feel out of place or different; want to have a relationship with yourself that is secure and free from judgment; want to connect with others in meaningful and fulfilling ways; and you are ready to take action to create positive change in your life.

I believe that we are all resourceful, creative, and wise and I have been helping people tap into these innate qualities through psychotherapy since 2011. I specialize in working with people of diverse backgrounds and have the utmost respect for each individual’s unique lived experience, identity, and desired life direction. I work collaboratively and tailor the therapy to each individual’s personality style, values, and goals.

I approach my work with genuine warmth, curiosity, and authenticity. My work is grounded in the here-and-now experience; integrates the mind, body, and spirit; draws on existing strengths; and builds needed skills and resources. I have a deep commitment to providing the highest quality services and continue to seek out training and consultation in leading approaches to psychotherapy as the field continues to grow and evolve.

I am currently offering in-person and video therapy sessions. Please note: Video sessions are an option only after an initial in-person session.